G Pen Elite Review

February 7, 2019

G Pen Elite Review
A portable convection Style Herbal Vaporizer from Grenco Science, the G Pen Elite is one that will surely impress

Built solid with a sleek futuristic design and a smooth black finish, the G Pen Elite seems to fit your hand perfectly and very comfortable for longer sessions. Fully adjustable temperature control between 93 – 220°C means you can keep increasing the temp as you vape through your herbs. Heating to 220°C in just under 30 seconds is quite impressive for such a small vape, and we can’t leave this out of any G Pen Elite Review!

g-pen elite temperature control

Charging in about 2 hours, a full charge will get you roughly six vaping sessions. The large ceramic chamber gives 360 degree heating from all sides meaning your dry herbs are evenly heated giving off flavourful vapor.

Lets start with the Chamber

The G Pen elite comes with quite a large ceramic chamber that is easy to access and load. Simply remove the mouthpiece, load with your favourite herbs and your good to go.

elite chamber with mouthpiece

Using the cleaning brush supplied, its recommended to give the chamber and mouthpiece a quick clean after each session.

And after every few sessions its definitely worth removing the screen from beneath the mouthpiece for a deeper clean. These parts can also be purchased separately if needed.


Operating the G Pen Elite

The G Pen Elite is a very easy to operate. Once the herbs are loaded in the chamber (recommend to at least 2 thirds full), press the centre power button quickly 5 times to switch on the vaporizer.

The display will now show your last temp setting used and the remaining battery life.

You can adjust the temperature settings by using the 2 buttons next to the display.

Once your desired temp is set, press and hold the centre power button for approx 2 seconds to begin heating.

For such a small portable vaporizer you will find that it heats up very fast and you can take your first draw within the first 20 seconds of heating.

20 seconds is exceptional when compared to other vaporizers in the same size and price range, with an average heating time of roughly 40 – 60 seconds.

gpen elite vaporizer

Some of the extra parts & accessories available



Elite Charging Dock is handy for desktop charging and storage:



Silicone Sleeve adds a layer of protection around the G Pen Elite’s mouthpiece and bottom LED display.

silicone sleeve

elite water peace adapter opened



The Elite Water Peace Adapter attaches the elite vaporizer to any glass water piece, male or female, and can also be used as a replacement for the standard mouthpiece.


The G Pen Elite Mouthpiece & Filter Screens, always good to have a spare.



I really like this vaporizer! Great portable sleek design with strong battery life and quick heating for less then 100 euro, not bad at all… we hope you have enjoyed our G Pen Elite review.

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Some of the positives:
  • A very cool looking discreet portable vaporizer
  • Perfect for on the go vaping
  • Fully adjustable temperature control
  • Fits nicely in your pocket, and very comfortable to hold
  • Stores enough battery life for a long vaping session
  • Simple to use
  • Very easy to clean and maintain
Not many negatives
  • The mouthpiece heats up with prolonged use
  • Battery is not replaceable




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