PAX Mini Vs PAX Plus

September 19, 2023

PAX Mini Vs PAX Plus




Pax Mini

A standout member of the esteemed PAX range, is globally recognised as a top-tier pocket-sized vaporiser. Progressing from the PAX 2, it boasts significant enhancements while preserving its petite stature. With its two-year warranty, the manufacturer clearly showcases faith in the product’s reliability. Holding the title of the smallest vaporiser in the PAX collection, it’s ideal for undercover sessions

black pax mini vaporizer

Key Features Size & Design

Capacity: Features a 0.25g chamber, tailored for those shorter sessions or for users consuming less dry herb.

Heating: Efficiency & enhanced heating algorithm that outdoes the PAX 2.

3D-Printed Screen: Offers better airflow and an easy-to-clean design.

Quick Heat-Up: Gets to the desired temperature in a mere 22 seconds.

Battery Longevity: Supports around 2.5 hours of use.

Price & Value: Priced reasonably at €149, the PAX Mini ensures your wallet remains as content as you’ll be during those stealthy sessions away from the in-laws.

Included Accessories: Flat & Raised Mouthpiece, Oven Lid, 3D Oven Screens, Wire Brush, Charge Cable.

pax mini vaporizer package contents

Position in the PAX Line-up: Positioned after the PAX 2, the PAX Mini is akin to the feature-enriched PAX Plus.

Ideal User: Casual vapers aiming for a quick, discreet session without the cumbersomeness of larger devices will deem the PAX Mini their perfect ally.




Pax Plus

Immerse in elite vaping with the PAX Plus. A touch larger than the PAX Mini and priced at €249, it’s an essential for those aiming for a high-tier experience with both dry herbs, resins and thicker oils. The PAX Plus stands apart with a commendable 10-year limited warranty.

sage pax plus vaporizer

Key Features Size & Design

Oven Capacity: Its compact nature hides a 0.5g oven, perfect for those extended, immersive sessions.

Swift Heat-Up: Readies itself in just 22 seconds.

Battery: Provides a steady 2.5 hours of uninterrupted session on one charge.

Multi-Material Compatibility: Seamlessly switch between dry herbs and various concentrates.

Experience Modes: Four different heating modes for any occasion.

Price & Value: At €249 the PAX Plus is coming in a little more expensive than the Mini but well worth the stretch for all the extra versatilely. 

Included Accessories: Flat & Raised Mouthpiece, Oven Lid, Half-Pack Oven Lid, Concentrate Insert, 3D Oven Screens, Multi-Tool (New), PAX Premium Maintenance Kit, Charge Cable.

sage pax plus vaporizer package contents


Position in PAX line up: Building on the excellence of the PAX line-up, the PAX Plus is the latest and most advanced of them all. 

Ideal User: For those looking for slightly a longer vape session that you can bring anywhere. The Pax Plus is the silent, dependable and versatile sidekick.


Summary & Conclusion:

The PAX Mini and PAX Plus are stellar entries in the PAX vaporiser range, each catering to different user needs while maintaining a commitment to quality and performance.
The PAX Mini is the quintessential pocket-friendly vaporiser, building upon its predecessor, the PAX 2. It’s perfect for those who prefer shorter, discreet vaping sessions. With its affordable price point and a suite of upgrades, it offers fantastic value.

On the other hand, the PAX Plus is a step into the premium domain. A tad larger and more feature-packed than the Mini, it provides versatility with its multi-material compatibility and a series of experience modes. Its price is justified by its extensive feature set and the impressive 10-year warranty.
In essence, both vaporisers are top-tier choices in their respective categories. Whether you’re seeking a quick, stealthy experience with the PAX Mini or a luxurious, customisable session with the PAX Plus, both ensure an unmatched vaping experience.


Tom 0'Shea

Hailing from Ireland, Tom O'Shea is a skilled blog writer who lends his unique voice to the realms of cannabis and vaping, delivering engaging content that resonates with audiences seeking a fresh perspective.


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