Puffco Plus vs Puffco Peak

August 16, 2023

Puffco Plus vs Puffco Peak

If you are currently on the lookout for a wax vaporizer you will surely have come across the LA brand Puffco. Two of Puffco’s most talked about wax vapes are the Puffco Plus released in 2016 and the Puffco Peak which was released in 2018 and you may be thinking which one is right for you? I will break this blog down into simple categories like vapour quality, portability, battery life etc and hopefully it’ll be pretty clear by the end which suits your needs. 


Portability: Plus

This is a no brainer and the Peak being primarily a desktop vape doesn’t really intend to compete with the Plus in this field. The Plus is the same shape and size as a slightly big pen, it’s so portable it will most often fit anywhere and is very good for vaping on the go. Although the Peak doesn’t fair well in this category compared to the Plus, it does however impress compared to other desktop vapes. You may not be able to vape without catching the attention of any passersby but for a camping trip or for bringing it to a party or to a friends house you simply disconnect it from the mains and put it in your bag. Which brings me to battery life.


Battery Life: Plus, sort of.

The battery life in both of these vapes are very similar. The Plus has a slightly above average battery life for a portable vape allowing for in and around 40 puffs whereas the Peak for a desktop vape you should get roughly about 18 strong draws. Obviously the temperature you are using each of them will make a difference with this. The reason I only “sort of” pick the Plus is due to the fact that it’s quite close and you wouldn’t expect a desktop vape to out last a portable one. When it comes to charging time the Peak wins by about 30 minutes, being fully charged at 2hrs. It doesn’t however have a changeable battery so be careful not to over charge or it will eat into the battery life over time.


Visually: See for yourself.




The Puffco Plus vaporizer




vaporizer puffco-peak-erig

Vapour Quality: Peak

As expected, with such a price difference between the two, the Peak had to prevail at some stage. There’s no competition between vapour quality. The hits from the Peak are full of flavour and are incredibly potent! It’s e-rig is a cut above the rest at this price. It only take 20 seconds to heat up and even has has a glass water filter to cool down the vapour before it hits your lips. Just to be very clear, this is no knock on the Plus. For a wax pen the vapour is delicious it’s just simply in a different league which is clearly accounted for by the price tag. 


Accessibility: Tie

Along with most Puffco products the Plus and Peak are so very user friendly. Inhaling is most of the work. The Plus has one button. Press it 5 times to turn on and off. The rest of the controls are in a similar fashion. The Peak isn’t that different. When it vibrates, inhale.



Plus – €89

Peak – €249


Which is for you?

Puffco Peak: With its modern design and adjustable heat options, the Puffco Peak suits users who appreciate tailored sessions and smoother draws through water filtration.

Puffco Plus: Travel-friendly and coil-free, the Puffco Plus is geared towards users seeking a compact and hassle-free vaping experience with adaptable heat settings.


Annette O'Hara

Annette O'Hara is a seasoned blog writer focused on vaping topics. Her concise yet insightful content caters to vaping newcomers and enthusiasts alike, offering valuable device insights, health pointers, and industry trends.


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