Ultimate Gift Ideas For Weed Lovers

November 30, 2021

Ultimate Gift Ideas For Weed Lovers

Clipper Lighter

If the Stoner in your life is anything like mine and has a penchant for incense sticks and smelly candles, then the Clipper Silver Metal Lighter is the perfect stocking filler.

Whether in the smoking area of your favourite establishments, or your living room, expect to feel very boujie holding this gorgeous lighter with a very cool side flame feature.

Best of all, it is very affordable at €12 and comes with a free silver metal gift tin.

Shine (24k) Gold King Size Papers

Holy mother of God, this is one coolest gifts for your favourite Stoner. If you really wanna impress then look no further than the Shine 24k gold king-size paper gift setIt is a handmade, hemp based rolling paper literally covered in gold. Pure edible gold leaf to be exact.

This is perfect for Christmas as it comes as part of a gorgeous gift box set. In total you get 1 ¼  24k Gold papers x2, King-size 24K gold cone and a Shine Bic lighter. The papers are also available to buy separately here.

This one is sure to buy you some serious cool points with the Stoner in your life, especially if he wants to feel like P. Diddy.


If the stoner in your life is really worth it, you could always splash out on a new vape. Vaporizers come in all shapes, sizes and prices. If you want a reliable portable budget vape you can’t go wrong with the Starry 3.0. The starry is incredibly portable, fits easily into my pocket, has a slick straw style ceramic zirconia mouthpiece that folds in and out neatly. For a vape that is usually under €80 you won’t find any better.

However If you’re looking to really splash out then look no further than the Pax 3 vape. This vaporizer is widely considered the most portable high end vape on the market. The Pax 3 is currently retailing in around €200/€250. As a gift this guarantees many brownie points.


Now if the stoner in your life likes to vape or smoke dry herbs then the Grinder is an essential piece of kit. Lucky for you I have trawled the Internet Starship for the best at a decent price and found the Santa Cruz 4 piece shredderTurns out it wasn’t that hard as it is the worlds most popular herbal Grinder. It comes with a lifetime warranty and is available at In a bunch of lovely colours.

It’s a four piece Grinder that results in dry herbs of a perfectly consistent size and wonderful fluffy texture. I have no idea what any of that means but I got it from my S.O. and he loves it.


‘The Book of Awakening’ by Mark Nepo

Full disclosure, yes I did buy this book because of Oprah Winfrey and no, I’m not ashamed of that fact. It’s split into micro chapters for each day of the year and is essentially a lovely, peaceful meditative journey inside yourself. I know, I can feel the eyes roll from here.

But honestly, when you’re ready to unwind at the end of the day this is sublime relaxation paired with a little vape and a cup of tea.

‘Weed, The Users Guide’ By David Schmader

Okay I get it, the title is a bit click-baity and it may seem like a very obvious choice, BUT, this is actually a very funny read. It covers a whole spectrum of topics and is billed as the “21st century handbook for enjoying Marijuana”.

It’s very informative, hilarious and a good gift for the beginner or indeed the veteran stoner.

DaVinci Canvas Case

Anyone that lives with a Stoner, particularly one that vapes, is well aware of the plethora of bits and pieces required to gather before leaving the house. This lovely DaVinci canvas bag is suitable for most small portable vapes and keeps everything in one place. It is very neat, has a smell proof zipper and comes with several pockets and pouches.

Perfect for on the go vaping.

Marley Natural Walnut Rolling Tray

If your stoner friend lives to pre-roll before heading out of the house, then this Marley Natural Walnut Rolling Tray is a really cute gift.

It is a beautiful walnut rolling tray that come with a magnet scraper to round up any lost herbs. This accessory is a must for any diving into vaping herbs.


Aine McCarthy


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