“Vape & Scream: Halloween Movie Picks”

October 27, 2023

“Vape & Scream: Halloween Movie Picks”

Hello, fellow lovers of all things supernatural! With the enchanting allure of All Hallows’ Eve upon us, I welcome you to join me on a thrilling cinematic adventure. Get ready for a nerve-wracking night filled with captivating horror as we explore five outstanding silver screen creations perfect for your Halloween movie marathon.

“Get Out” (2017):

In the realm of cinematic craftsmanship, the visionary director Jordan Peele weaves a tale where the threads of terrifying intrigue and social commentary merge seamlessly, giving birth to a narrative that both captivates and compels deep introspection. Exploring the intricate labyrinth of racial relations and societal anxieties, it emerges as a testament to the art of storytelling.

This ingeniously convoluted and irresistibly enthralling narrative delves into the heart of racial themes, unfolding like a reinterpretation of societal norms. Executed with such skillful precision that even the esteemed maestros would undoubtedly tip their hats to it. Jordan Peele, known for his comedic endeavors, helms this hypnotically disconcerting gem, marking a stark departure from his previous works.

“A Quiet Place” (2018):

In the silent desolation of “A Quiet Place,” a mother, portrayed by Emily Blunt, and her offspring navigate a world ravaged by sound-hunting monstrosities. Silence is their shield in this post-apocalyptic realm where noise equals death. Abandonment reigns supreme in the supermarket aisles, and the family’s tense choreography speaks of survival. Newspapers unveil an otherworldly menace, sightless yet acutely attuned to sound. Their secluded farm transforms into a battleground, fortified against lurking threats. With an impending addition to the family, their existence teeters on the precipice, and tensions rise.

John Krasinski’s direction orchestrates an exquisite symphony of fear, crafting moments of respite and terror alike. Amid this orchestrated silence, “A Quiet Place” emerges as a pitch-perfect horror masterpiece that invites us to the edge of fear and leaves us breathless in its spectral embrace.

“Hereditary” (2018):

“Hereditary” is an unrelenting plunge into psychological terror, masterfully guided by the hand of Ari Aster. It’s not a film for the faint-hearted, as it weaves its unsettling web with meticulous precision. From the subtlest of details to the most hair-raising moments, this tale of family and malevolent forces creeps under your skin and refuses to release its grip. Each scene is a deliberate step toward an ever-deepening abyss of dread, leaving you in chilling anticipation.

Aster’s mastery lies not only in the spine-tingling narrative but also in the visual craftsmanship. With nods to cinematic legends like Kubrick, he constructs an atmosphere where horror lurks in every corner. The film’s eerie score, like a lurking shadow, intensifies the discomfort, while the performances, especially Toni Collette’s, etch themselves into your memory. “Hereditary” is a symphony of unyielding and insomnia-inducing intensity, leaving an indelible mark on the horror genre.

“The Cabin in the Woods” (2012):

“The Cabin in the Woods” emerges as a devilishly clever deconstruction of horror tropes, orchestrated by the ingenious minds of Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard. The story revolves around five college students, drawn to the classic cabin-in-the-woods setting, a premise as ancient as horror itself. However, what sets this film apart is the acute self-awareness of its creators. They skillfully utilise this clichéd backdrop to dissect and comment on the horror genre. Beneath the surface horrors lies a sinister force, manipulating the students’ fates according to a nefarious plan.

“The Cabin in the Woods” becomes a reflection on the very essence of horror, unraveling its conventions and prompting audiences to question their own expectations. While it may not deliver conventional jump scares, the film is a carefully crafted blend of humour and wit, bearing the distinct mark of Whedon’s storytelling prowess. The ensemble cast, featuring Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford, enhances the narrative’s depth, while the central group of college kids, played by Kristen Connolly and Chris Hemsworth, embrace their archetypal roles with enthusiasm.

“The Babadook” (2014):

In the mysterious world of “The Babadook,” a meticulously crafted nightmare comes to life under the direction of Jennifer Kent. We find ourselves immersed in the story of a mother and child trapped in a house plagued by ominous forces. This tale unfolds with a narrative that carries echoes of early cinema and classic fairy tales, creating a macabre atmosphere with a unique twist. While it may not evoke the same immediate fear as some other horror films like “Saw” or “Paranormal Activity,” it offers a deep exploration of themes such as loss, grief, and the inner demons we all bear.

The story centres around Amelia, portrayed brilliantly by Essie Davis, a mother still haunted by the trauma of a car accident that took her husband’s life seven years earlier. Her young son, Samuel, played intensely by Noah Wiseman, yearns for a father figure and strives to protect his mother. Their lives take a dark turn when they encounter a mysterious children’s book, “Mr. Babadook,” which unleashes a malevolent force that begins to torment them both. The film’s visual design and analog aesthetic create a world devoid of colour, reflecting the characters’ emotional turmoil. As the horrors unfold, Kent’s storytelling weaves together the fantastical with emotional authenticity, offering a unique and deeply unsettling cinematic experience. Davis’s performance as the emotionally fragile widow, descending into madness, is exceptional, while Wiseman delivers an impressive debut. Their harrowing confrontation with the relentless Babadook uncovers that the true monsters often dwell within our own hearts.


As the night of cinematic wonders draws to a close, envision settling into the evening, the spectral call of All Hallows’ Eve still echoing in your thoughts. You’re in the company of these five movie masterpieces, and their captivating tales have left an enduring mark on your imagination. With your trusty vape in hand, you nestle into the comfort of your favourite chair, a sense of satisfaction and relaxation enveloping you. It’s the perfect moment to unwind, to savour the thrill of these films, and to let the soothing embrace of your vape enhance the experience. So, my fellow seekers of the mysterious, as the credits roll and the night envelops you, may your evening be a delightful blend of chilling tales and tranquil relaxation.



Tom O’Shea

Beware The Cinema Readers, Before we embark on this thrilling cinematic journey, a spectral whisper of caution. The reviews you find here are the musings of one soul, shared with an eerie passion for the dark arts of storytelling. They are my personal reflections and not to be misconstrued as endorsements or criticisms. Always remember, the true magic of film is the personal experience it conjures within you. Proceed with an inquisitive spirit, but let not my words shackle your own spectral interpretation.


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